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The Centre for Research and Documentation (CRD) is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-partisan organization dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge through research that is multi-disciplinary, gender sensitive and geared towards building a just and democratic society in Nigeria. The CRD was formed in 1995 but incorporated as a TRUST in 1996. 

Research & Documentation

The principal activities of CRD are research and documentation; promoting knowledge on economic, social and political issues, and other issues of … Read more


Conducting trainings for our partners is our core deliverable, academically beginning with our Damina School and for our partners as they deliver their mandates,… Read more

Damina School

The CRD Damina (Summer) School was inaugurated in 1997 which had in attendance the cream de la cream of Nigerian academia: Yahaya Hashim who was then the Director;… Read more

Human Capacity Building

CRD has a network of over 200 research associates and with different research specialties across the 36 states of the Nigerias Federation Read more

Partnerships & Collaborations

Expect specific qualities from the ideal partner. CRD since inception has been building partnerships both in-country and internationally in its areas focus,…Read more



Build an independent research capacity as part of the general society, dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and creating enabling environment for all, through capacity building, research and documentation.



To create permanent institutional support for socio- economic and political development related research that focus on policy and action.


Implementation Strategy

…CRD implementation strategy involves Thematic Workshops, Policy Dialogues; Database Building tied to research projects and Rainy season (Damina) School for Post-Graduate students working on areas which fall within CRD research themes. The CRD also implements it projects and programmes through its network of over 200 researchers and consultants based across Nigeria.

FHI360 USAID funded Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index

Cross section of the Participants

The Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index (CSOSI) assesses the capacity of civil society to serve as both a short-term partner in implementing development solutions and a long-term actor in ensuring that development outcomes are sustained. This resource allows local civil society to assess the environment in which they are operating and their capacity to advocate, operate sustainably and communicate with citizens. Read more


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