About us

The Centre for Research and Documentation (CRD) is a non-governmental, non-profit making and non-partisan organization dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge through research that is multi-disciplinary, gender sensitive and geared towards building a just and democratic society in Nigeria. The CRD was formed in 1995 but incorporated as a TRUST in 1996. Since this time the CRD has intensified its activities of promoting research and generating knowledge on social movements and related issues on development. CRD has a network of over 200 research associates and with different research specialties across the 36 states of the Federation.

The principal activities of CRD are research and documentation; promoting knowledge on economic, social and political issues, and other issues of development including water, health and sanitation, business membership organizations (BMOs). Others are training, advocacy, monitoring and evaluation as well as education through seminars, town hall meetings and workshops. CRD’s researches aim to be theoretically and methodologically innovative, multi-disciplinary and gender sensitive. There is also the commitment to the development of a democratic and just society – in which the human rights of all citizens are guaranteed regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, sex or class. CRD is engaged in larger coalitions with other NGOs in Transition Monitoring Group (TMG), Tracking and Monitoring Nutrition Budget at State and Sub-National Levels, Electoral Reform Network (ERN), and Citizens Forum for Constitutional Reforms (CFCR), among others.

Vision: Build an independent research capacity as part of the general society, dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and creating enabling environment for all, through capacity building, research and documentation.

Mission: To create permanent institutional support for socio- economic and political development related research that focus on policy and action.

CRD implementation strategy involves; Thematic Workshops, Policy Dialogues; Database Building tied to research projects and rainy season (Damina) School for Post-Graduate students working on areas which fall within CRD research themes. The CRD also implements it projects and programmes through its network of over 200 researchers and consultants based across the Nigeria.  It is incorporated as a Trust with three Trustees constituting the Board of Trustees. Other organs of the CRD include the Research Advisory Committee, and the Founding Members who constitute the Annual General Meeting–the supreme organ of the CRD – the Governing Council, and the Management Committee. It has a secretariat with 9 permanent staff. This is addition to 3 interns and 2 volunteers engaged in the four units of the organization namely: Research and Documentation unit; the Library unit; Account unit and Administrative Unit. Annually CRD absorbs 4 National Youth Corps Members.