Partnerships & Collaborations

we are committed to the project, were everyone is actively involved in the preparation of any project and contribute to its drafting and set-up. If we still need to say it, a good partner is an active one! Obviously, if a partner is not so motivated, you might be you might as well not bother. CRD is technically competent, we do not hesitate to check our partners reputation and their resources. We do so by checking their lab page or look up for their participation in other projects. CRD is trustworthy, we work with our partners for several years, so it is important that we maintain and of course sustain good relationship and mutual trust. CRD is proactive regarding our partners coordinator’s requests, we align so much that we serve each other for our common deliverables to our funders. We believed that for all partners to work well together, the consortium is to be managed by decision-making rules: the decisions must be clear, democratic and defined upstream, in particular on intellectual property aspects.